Business Immigration

There are multiple business immigration options available.

Owner/Operator Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIAs) allow business owners to receive a work permit to work for their own business. Spousal open work permits are also possible. Applications for permanent residence from within Canada are then sometimes possible.

Most Canadian provinces also have business immigration programs, like the Entrepreneur Immigration Stream of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program.

These rules vary and generally require higher investments in the largest centres, like Vancouver and the lower mainland area of BC.

Regional business immigration programs normally require a smaller investment. The Provincial Nominee Program encourages business growth and investors who can edify our smaller communities. Pathway to Canada creates intelligent solutions for your immigration requirements by partnering with an experienced business plan writer, established business brokerages, property managers, and commercial real estate agents in order to offer our clients a unique advantage in starting or buying businesses, homes, and to assist with your immigration application under either provincial or federal programs. Our whole business is network driven, which enables us to achieve great results and deliver exclusive value to our clients for their business immigration needs.

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